Elektro-Servis was founded in January 2008. It is part of the Balfin Group, the largest investment Group in Albania and among the largest in the Balkans and beyond. The main focus and activity of the company is to support the after-sales-service for all electric and electronic products such as White Goods, Brown Goods, and SDA (small domestic appliance).

About Elektro-Servis

Elektro-Servis is the largest service of this type in Albania and neighboring countries. Our services are provided by a dedicated and professionally specialized staff to assist customers at any hour of the day, wherever they are. Repairs are offered not only at our premises, but also at customers’ homes or businesses. In Elektro-Servis there are also Technical Laboratories, equipped with the most modern devices and tools, which, in cooperation with our experts, offer you a fast and quality service!

Neptun Albania’s authorized service, Elektro-Servis, provides support for a wide range of goods that are available in the company’s retail stores. As you may already know, Neptun Albania is the market leader in Albania for electrical technologies and home appliances.